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Installation the South Jersey Pet Fence difference

How Pet Stop is installed

Installing your system involves 4 stages:
  • Burying a wire (loop wire)
  • Placing a radio signal transmitter in your home
  • Fitting and programming your pet's collar
  • Performing the initial training session
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Stage 1: Burying the Loop Wire

The loop wire is typically buried a few inches underground and carries a harmless radio signal. The signal is coded so it won't cause interference to your neighbor's system and theirs won't interfere with yours. The wire is installed around an area in which you want to contain your pet.

Stage 2: Placing the Radio Transmitter

The radio transmitter is typically located near an electrical outlet and where it can be attached to the loop wire.

Stage 3: Programming and Fitting the Collar

Programming and fitting your pet's collar properly is essential to making your system work. That's why it is so important that a SJ Pet Fence adjusts the correction level and fits the collar to the size of your pet.

Stage 4: Initial Training Session

Initial training is equally as important. Different pet breeds and personalities require very different approaches. SJ Pet Fence is qualified to adjust the training to ensure a smooth transition for your pet.

The South Jersey Pet Fence difference

Pet Stop is only sold through exclusive and professional Dealers. South Jersey Pet Fence was carefully selected and meets our high ethical and professional standards.

SJ Pet Fence has been in the business for years and are experienced in their operations. We have went through specialized training and have received all the appropriate certifications.

SJ Pet Fence use only the best materials. The wire is rated for underground installation for a long and useful life. SJ Pet Fence uses only irrigation approved splice kits. We install a minimum of 14 gauge wire, not smaller 16 ga. or 18 ga. wire like some companies. The wire has a coating that is specifically designed for underground installation.

SJ Pet Fence is a skilled pet trainer. We have experience in the specialized training of dogs to pet containment systems. Our skill and competence gives us the ability to understand your pet's behavior and customize the system with settings appropriate for your pet.

That's the South Jersey Pet Fence difference.

The Intelligent Choice - For Those Who Want the Best!

The Pet Stop Quality Guarantee
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