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How Does Pet Stop Pet Fence Systems Work?

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Pet Stop works by conditioning your pet to avoid an hidden boundary created by a radio signal carried by a special wire installed around the area in which you want to contain your pet.

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The radio signal can be expanded or contracted to create a field of signal that your pet won't pass through.

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How Does it Affect My Pet?

Your pet wears a lightweight receiver mounted on a nylon collar that is tuned to the signal frequency. As your pet approaches the signal field it will receive an audible warning followed by a correction.

The correction is similar to a static electrical shock and, while your pet will find it distasteful, it is completely harmless. With proper training your pet will learn to avoid the correction by responding to the warning. In fact most properly trained pets will experience the correction only once.

How Effective is the Conditioning?

Pet Stop systems have been installed since 1993 and are time proven to be highly effective. In fact Pet Stop systems are so effective we guarantee it will work or you get your money back. That's guaranteed in writing.

Unique Pet Stop Features

We believe that Pet Stop is simply the best and most effective pet fencing system on the market today. In addition to the service of trained professionals of South Jersey Pet Fence who will install the system, your pet fencing system has many features that set it apart from other pet containment systems.

  • ComfortContacts® protect your dog's neck
  • FlashAlert® warns you of a weak battery - before your pet gets loose
  • TriScan Collar eliminates "blind spots" in the fence
  • Patented SafetyStop protects your pet from over correction
  • SmartReceiver® eliminates "false alarms"
  • Digital Transmitter that features ZappAlert, the wire break warning system
The first electronic fence system that's more than out of sight

The Pet Stop Quality Guarantee
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